Monday, January 7, 2008

Today is monday! Yups! Everybody know it bro! :D Whole day always related with the KEYS, How can? (always start with this one, hi[k]8x...)

Ga tahu kenapa, nah lho? kok balik ke indo lagi? Alah! emang gw ada di indo lagi, ga kemana-mana. Today is the Key word world day...
Alah! berlebihan... Today as like before, but something special that related with the key is... Hm, What thing bro? Come on... (apaan segh bahasanya? he8x) Today I lossed my cabinet box KEYS (real keys) but, I find the 'key' for my life several hour after ... And the keys that i find in my life is
"Other people's opinion of you does not have to become your reality. Those who follow the crowd usually get lost in it. I don't know the key to success, but one key to failure is to please everyone. Why waste your time thinking about what others will tell you. Instead, do what makes you happy!"

Hm, I loss and find the keys today... completly... :)


Akmal said...

Live life to the fullest is always the best thing to. What we do reflects ourself, hence require self constrain in certain things and issue. But when we do good, let other people say what they want; we are doing what we wanted to do. Be bold in situation like this, you are not going to lose anything.
What a key man. Thanks for sharing.

Hardono said...

Live your life like the way you want it. Sounds good, but ouch! Life is sucks and unfair :) But don't let it make yourself into a sucky and unfair person.

So key to happyness (mustinya pake 'i', but what the hell :P) is controlling your expectation, realistic, and have vast amount of forgiveness :D

Enjoy your life, Bro!

Hye said...

You are right. Thinking and living on what other people think of you will only make your life miserable. Better live your life the way you wanted it to be, not caring on what other people may say as long as you are doing your best, right?

Hope to hear from you in my blog too.

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restu said...

euhhhh neneangan konci wae make d tulis d blogg.....

ceuk urang mah koncina sukses teh:
1. jujur,,,,(km jujur teu,hayo kamari mandi teu?)
2. usaha nu maksimal,,,,(hayo, km teltnya k kantor kmari?)
3. doa,,,,(solatnya ulah likum-likum leos)
4. boga duit keur tuang,,,,(kumargi iyeu satu2nya kunci keur ngawujudkeun iyeu nu tilu d luhur)

asa jadi pa maman euy,,,(inget keneh teu k pa maman?)

Gandhi Anwar said...

@ akmal: u'r welcome.. thx too for u'r sharing. the essence of live is sharing. isn't it?

@handono: thx bro! i will control! ha?! :d
enjoy ur life too..

@hye: the point is, to be my self. isn't it? thx hye..

@restu: Burest.. hm.. (godeg2) inet atuh k pa maman mah.. vespa! :d