Sunday, October 19, 2008

Our parents are the special person in our live. No ones can taken the place of the position. Parents will be always special. But, sometimes for people who no have much time to accompany, distance will be a problem to express the affection. Distance is the problem.

How do you feel if your parents or grandparent lives alone and may fall with no one around to help. Imagine them falling down in the house so badly that they cant even push a button. What about if your parent or grandparent is on the road outdoors and they suddenly need immediate help and no one knows where they are, in fact, they may not know where they are? So, the solution for this case is using medical alarm.

There are 2 variant of the medical alarm, One is for in the home and has a FALL ALERT detector that alerts emergency personnel that they have fallen and cant even push a button. The other product is a GPS Tracking Bracelet with 2-way speakerphone so they can use it like a cell phone and call for help, or the wearer can be found in cases of wandering due to Alzheimers.

Wish this product can be the solution for people who no have much time to closing with their parents. :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Credit card wars between banks begin to find its momentum. Lots of banks now aggressively offer interesting and tempting credit card products. Both local and international banks offer numerous amounts of credit cards. Few examples are CITI credit cards, AMEX Corporate Credit Cards, and Household Bank Credit Cards. All of them are trying to attract as many customers as possible with interesting offers. Some offers credit cards without annual fees, and some offer prizes if you use your credit cards more often. There are also other offers like high cash advance and ease of increasing credit card limits. In the other side, however, a wrong step on choosing a credit card will trap the user into a deep hole full of debts.

Now, we have a tip to help you avoid debts so you won’t be running away from debt collectors your whole life.

Other than that, there are three fundamental steps we must carefully study if we want to choose and use crdit cards. The first one is, checking out the credibility of the credit card provider and what kind of advantages you can get from the creadit card. The second one is deciding what kind of credit card you need, silver, gold or platinum. The third one is, you must realize and understand your own point of view on credit cards.

Interested on using credit cards? Choose correctly, and be wise when you use them!

malam ini pun tak jauh beda, dingin dengan dentingan piano klasik. ku tumpahkan malam ini hanya seorang diri. tak ada yang lain. hanya aku dan piano tua. di sana.

malam ini tak ada kata
tak ada suara,
taka ada siapa,
tak ada sapa,
hanya ada denting piano,
tidakkah ia suara?

bukan! suara hati.

Basically, credit card isn’t an instrument that makes it easier to borrow money. We must view it as a tool to have easier and safer transactions. This perception is important and necessary for a credit card holder if you don’t want to spend your days hunted by debt collectors.

There are lots of cases where credit cards holders are trapped in debts because they see credit card as a way to easily obtain loan, and not as a safer and easier replacement for cash transactions.

If you’re stuck with credit card debt problems, try seeking for a finance consultant. You can also try this online service for credit repairs. You can also improve credit of your credit card.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Cerita malam ini, ku toreh pada lembaran beranda sana. Pergilah ke sana. Akan kau temukan aku bersama malam yang dingin. Dingin berhiaskan bintang, bulan dan awan.

malam, akan kau bawa ke mana hati ini
ada banyak gugus bintang di langit sana
banyak... tak dapat ku hitung

bulan, bila kau yakin akan bintang di ujung sana
berapa lama ku harus terbang untuk aku
menggapainya... tidak kah lama?

awan, akankah kau tetap berada di depan ia
menghalangi binar bintang di ufuk sana
menyingkirlah... karena ia ada untuk semua

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Several years ago, I never think that I can earn money from blogging. Blogging activities just for have fun, talking anything from my personal side. But now, I can use blogging for business, selling or earning some dollars. Do you want to try? But do you still confuse to start? Let’s find information about it by searching.

One thing must be prepare first to start making online store [as like told here] is make a professional site. This step will become effective promotion tool for our Online Store. For our safety, use the hosting from the company that has the good reputation. I suggestive to find more about the hosting here. All about the web hosting tutorials is told clearly.

After you finished build the own site, try to promote your site. And lets see what the response from the other blogger for your products. Have fun for blogging. Wish you get success for trying E-commere!

Beragam cara mengungkap rasa. Lewat kata pun tak apa. Di hari yang fitri ini, izinkan saya untuk meminta beribu maaf dari semuanya. Karena saya sadar, banyak salah yang telah diperbuat selama ini, banyak ucap tak mengenakkan, banyak tutur yang tak teratur, banyak sikap yang tak bijak. Mohon bukakan pintu maaf...

Minal 'Aidzin Walfaidzin. Mohon maaf lahir bathin. Semoga di hari suci ini, kita bisa kembali fitri.

Terima Kasih.