Monday, September 29, 2008

If we’re given the option to choose, no one would pick the option of having acne problems. Basically, proper face treatment can help us avoiding them. However, there are countless factors that take part in causing skin problems: stress, pollution, bad food intake and hormones are some of the examples. As a result, most people - especially teenagers have acne problems. Can we solve acne problems? Simply, the answer is yes; but patience is necessary, and you can try using Murad Acne.

Unfortunately, often after acnes are taken care of, two problems appear then: post acne hyper pigmentation (spots and black flecks), and acne scar. If this happens, try looking for a correct solution to this with a 90% chance of success, and Murad products can be taken into consideration.

No matter what, preventing acnes from appearing is always better. Here are some tips to prevent them:
  1. Avoid the increase of sebum production by controlling your daily intake, low-fat and carbohydrate diet;
  2. Clean your face at least twice a day to get rid of dirt and dead cells;
  3. Avoid pollution and keep your make up tools - especially brushes - clean;
  4. Live healthy, have enough rest and exercise, keep away from getting stressed out;
  5. Decrease alcohol intake, hot food and cigarettes for they can boost sebum productions.
So, before acnes get in your way, hurry up and prevent them with this one. Have a clean face without acnes!