Monday, December 29, 2008

For a couple of days I’ve been reading a book titled “Inner Healing, in the Office”. The book speaks of how excessive amount of tasks to do at work can give an unpleasant effect to our body; it can easily make our body very vulnerable to illness. It might vary from a simple sickness like influenza, to dangerous ones like heart diseases. It was even mentioned that in Japan there’s this word “Karoshi”, a special term used to describe death caused by excessive burden from work.

It’s really scary to see that an overly given tasks can cause a heart illness or even death. It might be happening to any one of us; what shall we do if we see indications of a heart disease? The best answer is definitely by having a better and healthier lifestyle. However, there might be times when we need to have a surgery. What kind of heart surgery must be performed? Should it be a bypass surgery, are we supposed to use stents? A comparison study tells that heart bypass surgery has higher success rate and lasts longer than stent surgery. For more information you can try searching on the web, there are various sources that give plentiful info about heart surgery. You can try using keywords such as heart bypass, heart bypass surgery, coronary bypass, coronary bypass surgery, coronary artery bypass surgery. University of Maryland website has infos about them.

May we be granted good health :)