Saturday, July 4, 2009

Let’s talk about man accessory this time. Hey! Don’t navigate this page caused by word “Accessory”. Read all it first! Frankly, Believe me that a proper belt, tie, glasses, cuff links, watch can make men more attractive, professional, trendy and elegant. Fix it all to make great image in you.

If you are the outdoor man, something that could always fix-on is using sunglasses. Don’t hesitate to use the sunglasses while outdoors for protecting our eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. And choose the right sunglasses style to make you always trendy. Thinking that enough for you? If not, it’s good to consider for combining your style with a bit other accessory like watch. Spice up your style! Choose the analog watch like “Fossil Analog Black Dial Watch”. This one can make the strong, mature and great image in you.

But, it all depends on you. Something that must be considered in buying things are price and purposes itself. Have fun your day!


endahhh said...

gaya bener postingannya in english. Jadi curiga sama 2 kemungkinan. Pertama, gandhi punya software translator yang OK. Kedua, gandhi copy paste artikel orang. Ahahaha

Gandhi Anwar S said...

hahaha... prasangka yang baik anak muda! usaha atuuuuh... wew!