Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Credit card wars between banks begin to find its momentum. Lots of banks now aggressively offer interesting and tempting credit card products. Both local and international banks offer numerous amounts of credit cards. Few examples are CITI credit cards, AMEX Corporate Credit Cards, and Household Bank Credit Cards. All of them are trying to attract as many customers as possible with interesting offers. Some offers credit cards without annual fees, and some offer prizes if you use your credit cards more often. There are also other offers like high cash advance and ease of increasing credit card limits. In the other side, however, a wrong step on choosing a credit card will trap the user into a deep hole full of debts.

Now, we have a tip to help you avoid debts so you won’t be running away from debt collectors your whole life.

Other than that, there are three fundamental steps we must carefully study if we want to choose and use crdit cards. The first one is, checking out the credibility of the credit card provider and what kind of advantages you can get from the creadit card. The second one is deciding what kind of credit card you need, silver, gold or platinum. The third one is, you must realize and understand your own point of view on credit cards.

Interested on using credit cards? Choose correctly, and be wise when you use them!


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